Cypress Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

Pier & Beam Foundation Repair – Cypress

When it comes to maintaining homes, one of the most important things to note is the foundation. The foundation is the first thing that is done in regards to creating a structure. If the foundation isn’t placed rightly, it could affect the complete building structure. Hence it would be best if you looked for Cypress Foundation Repair contractors so that we can look into the foundation bit. On the other hand, with good foundation too, over the years some related problems may crop up. For example, if a building is turning very old, chances of foundation problems to come up are high.

In such a situation, it calls for the best foundation repair company in Cypress, Texas to do the needful. In order to get the best quality work done, call Cypress Foundation Repair and of course we are the most reputed foundation repair company within the city. We fulfill the criteria, and we operate very smoothly and have complete transparency in the way we deal. For example, we give clear-cut information on the procedures we follow and the cost attached to it. Going by such clarity, it often helps most customers to decide quickly. Rather than only getting the work done without knowing the value, and later on realizing that the cost is too high, it leaves a bad taste. Besides we offerer several foundation services which include;

Pier and Beam House Leveling.

We believe that the pier and beam foundation is the superior choice for a foundation. This is because the pier and beam foundation can stand up to more movement than the slab foundation. Besides, the pier and beam foundation is more accessible to repair and more robust when it has to be fixed. Some pier and beam foundations found dating back to 1910 are still being rebuilt and renovated to like new condition. The pier is the concrete that goes into the ground and bears the weight of the building on foundation beams of wood.

Pier Foundation Repair.

We repair your pier foundation in the right way because we have the right tools and enough experience in doing this job. Some of the repairs that we do include;

Concrete Perimeter Beam: If the home does involve a concrete perimeter beam, some easy repairs can be made by lifting the home and using pressed pilings for leveling.

Wood Replacement: As mentioned earlier, often wood in the crawl space rots due to moisture and must be replaced. There can also be insect damage. At times whole beams need replacement.

Interior Floor Levels: Floor levels are adjusted using metal shims. However, at times, shifting is dominant enough to require the addition of extra piers. This is particularly true if an error has been made in judging the number of piers needed for the house or addition supports.

Ventilation improvement: If rotting or other moisture damage is observed, ventilation should be improved in the crawl space. The same is true if mold or fungus growth is observed.

Steel Piers.

The repair process for leveling a residential concrete foundation usually involves underpinning the slab with piers, either concrete or steel. The two types of steel piers that we use during foundation repair are;

Resistance piers are pushed down until the end reaches a layer of soil hard enough to support the building. Resistance piers are best suited for structures that need to be raised or have burdensome load requirements. A general use would be to underpin or lift a private home foundation.

Helical piers can contain one or more “flights” that pull the pier into the soil. These piers are screwed down until they reach soil that is heavy or thick enough to support the desired outcome. Since they are twisted in, they cannot be pushed or pulled out. They can be used to either support a foundation or to keep a structure from coming away from the soil.

We are a company that is well reputed in Cypress, Texas and we believe in offering the best services to anyone who comes to us. Contact us today and experience the services of experts. Our Contact number is 346-220-3526. We offer free estimates on all services.